10 charlas TED sobre Creatividad

by gab on noviembre 30, 2012

TED seleccionó esta semana, de todo su arsenal disponible, 10 charlas sobre creatividad. De las 10 charlas, 2 fueron dadas por gente de IDEO, el CEO y el ex-CEO. Nada mal, IDEO.

> Julie Burstein: 4 lessons in creativity

[youtube sY0Pf_pfqCI]

> Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius

[youtube 86x-u-tz0MA]

> David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence

[youtube 16p9YRF0l-g]

> Isaac

Mizrahi: Fashion, passion, and about a million other

[youtube eSn6GP0UhKM]

> Amy Tan: Where does creativity hide?

[youtube 8D0pwe4vaQo]

> Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from

[youtube 0af00UcTO-c]

> Janet Echelman: Taking imagination seriously

[youtube 9YekkGz1E2k]

> Kirby Ferguson: Embracing the remix

[youtube zd-dqUuvLk4]

> Malcolm McLaren: authentic creativity vs karaoke culture

[youtube E-wtmV0fAAg]

> Tim Brown: Tales of creativity and play

[youtube RjwUn-aA0VY]