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Where is Everybody?

by gab on noviembre 16, 2009

«Where is Everybody?» Ese era el título de la presentación dada en Power Latam, Buenos Aires, 2009. Había quedado en el tintero ponerla disponible para el público, así que aquí va: Como .SWF, para todo el mundo Como .Key (comprimido (…)

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Well. Power Latam 2009 is over. Long Live Power Latam!

by gab on septiembre 29, 2009

Update: Bajar las presentaciones. As predicted, it was fun… I had agreed 15 minutes for the presentation, so I tried to comply to it as the sucker I am (time was flexible it would seem, after living the experience). It (…)

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by gab on septiembre 10, 2009

Ok, it might just be another cool Subject. But, now that I have your attention, let’s see the meat behind this stalematement. While Facebook fights a new battle in its long term war with Twitter, silently (kind of), a new (…)

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