Luckily there is still crazy people in the world

by gab on octubre 31, 2009

  • Only for Die Ärzte fans.
  • An ukulele and bass based Cover, made by a Crazy Italian (Sebastiano Mereu).

You just can’t miss it. It’s a great song, a very nice cover… with an ukulele and bass. Hilarious, astounding, naif and fun. It just can’t get better. Not for all audiences, though, you have to be slightly off your mind to enjoy it.

Zu Spät with Ukelele

You can follow him at:

BTW: @Sebinomics Dude, I will SOOOOO rob you the video ideas, but don’t worry your faces and expressions I cannot match!

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I’ve got to get me an ukulele.

by gab on octubre 31, 2009 at 10:40 am. #

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