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by gab on abril 1, 2011

So. Call-me-crazy. But. Search. May. Go. The. Facebook. Way. Someday.

The complete comment done in that article by me was:

(Regarding Facebook Like vs Google +1) «Actually… it won’t affect Google rankings, but it will affect Facebook rankings. So the big questions are: which site will be your home page in the few next years and what kind of things will you be able to find through the Facebook Search (as you might have noticed the list grows).

So +Like… might be the same thing from different brands for the same purpose, after all.

If Social Search is the next big thing (and Google also seems to think that), there’s nothing more social than Facebook.

So. Call-me-crazy. But. Search. May. Go. The. Facebook. Way. Someday.»


And the more I read it, the more I see I was right. The Google move, was a big one, and puts them potentially at disadvantage in the long term versus Facebook. It means algorithms have limits, and that Social Search is the future… a market in which they’re not the leaders.

The fight is on! Good luck, Google, don’t go the Microsoft Way.

I mean, down.

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A third party enters the Social Search Wars, quietly.

by gab on junio 2, 2011 at 7:02 am. #

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