A small fix for Google +, tanking into consideration… HUMANS!

by gab on febrero 27, 2013

This bugs me greatly.
I am, yes-I-am, a human being. I live, I work, I love, and I have virtual representations of me in the Web: Google + being one of them. I even kind of like Google +! It helps me tell Google who I am, what I did on the web (including some hush-hush searches), and helps me provide to the world some easy to find additional information about me.

+1 Google!

And this is a BIG but.

But, despite the fact that people think as me as a person who’s a little bit crazy or off, I’m not in the situation of being a multi-personality kind of guy. I’m just one person:

I’m gabriel at home. I’m gabriel at work.

Which is great! Makes things very easy to explain, and I’m very happy being me (like the song says “debo ser algo payaso pero eso me hace feliz”).

So Gabriel at home is a Google user. He has gmail since he could put his hands on it, uses analytics, youtube, Google+ and he is quite a capable googler. Which is great, these are some GREAT google products.

Yes, even G+.

And Gabriel -luckily- works!

He works in a nice technology company in Uruguay, which uses Google Apps for Business. Which is great, they’re some GREAT apps in there.

Like Gmail! What an awesome app!

So, I have two emails (for the purpose of this article): my personal account (which is also me, at Google +) and my business mail (which I use for work). And here is the thing. I get added to circles in Google + every now and then. Some use my personal email… and some use my business mail to add me to their G+ networks.

That’s a problem, because Google’s-Apps-for-Business-Gab-email cannot be linked or be related to RealLife-Gab-email in Google Plus.

There’s no way.

It’s highly annoying.

My two Google emails cannot be linked to just one G+ profile, so I’m left with the option of just having my RealLife profile and no Business G+ profile (which would be redundant, me is me). Except for G+… “me” isn’t “me»? Really. For Google + I am me but me is another!

But last time I checked, I was just one person (I’m pretty sure of that).

There is no way I -anybody- can cure this potential G+ schizophrenia.

I can assume that it would be in Google’s best interest to solve that particular human need to I have… There’s no point on having two profiles in Google + for the same person (the way used by people to resolve this particular hiccup) and not being able to link accounts… I don’t know… it just feels so 90’s.

Meanwhile, I do things the old fashion way… manually! Copying emails and adding people to my G+ Profile, by hand. Luckyly Google is not a Tech company, so we can forgive thi…

Oh… wait… It is, is it? Crap!

So, Google, can I add a Business Email -generated by Google Apps for Business- to my G+ account? Would that be so difficult?

I’m just wanna be me. Thanks!