Well. Power Latam 2009 is over. Long Live Power Latam!

by gab on septiembre 29, 2009

Update: Bajar las presentaciones.

As predicted, it was fun… I had agreed 15 minutes for the presentation, so I tried to comply to it as the sucker I am (time was flexible it would seem, after living the experience).

It started good (as in adrenalinic), with Microsoft’s Mac Powerpoint not talking nicely with Microsoft’s Windows Powerpoint, so I was so depressed because of the mad text disease that I didn’t have the stamina to get nervous. Which was good, though  I never do, because I love to be listened-up (on the downside I might get excited). Anyway, MS PPT incompatibility with itself through platforms was nothing that a few jokes and some frenetic slide sharing wouldn’t soften up. And it did.

So I gave the damn presentation.

And I must have been quite astonishing, or too advanced or far too cryptic, as only one brave man had the guts to throw a few questions regarding the subject (thanks Seb) after the dissertation.

Anyway, it seemed that somehow the message got through to the minds that were prepared to hear it or had already thought of that themselves, as Jesús Toledo (Poker Chile) aproached me for some more info and Victor Araneda (PartyGaming), nodded at me later with one slide of his presentation that touched the same subject as one of my core topics.

In the dinner we sat with Henrik Magnusson and Daniel Padilla, and had a very pleasent evening. Wine helped, but as  Henrik said we all (as all Power Latam and industry related) are very polite and kind persons (meaning «This really is a pack of easy-going fellas») so it wasn’t a surprise.

Food was great, wine superb, and there were interesting subjects covered by very interesting people. I don’t want to offend anybody with my omissions, but I’ll make a small sumary of the things I found the most interesting.

Victor from PartyGaming. Who had a presentation regarding the public in SA and why everybody (outside it) thought of it as a unique package of the same crap. His presentation was very nice and though he kind of cheated with his justifications regarding the Why everybody did it (budget is no excuse!), he treated a very interesting topic quite cleverly. There is so much to say there, he could have been talking for hours, and he’d probably would have if the audience were communication driven and would have had some whiskies in their hands.

Juan Delgado. A really great presentation of his product and company. Nice accomplishment they reached with their streaming. An IT competitor to be afraid of, indeed.

Alex Mifsud, from Entropay. I just loved his british accent (I loved Juan’ Delgados english too, but in other manner, because he was called Juan Delgado an talked english and spanish better than I did. And also had better glasses. Damn I hate him). Nice product, a big -kind of risky in some ways- bet he’s doing, so good luck for him!

Henrik Magnusson. Great guy, very fresh perspective of things. He didn’t do a slide presentation, but took the horse by the horns (or the animal that matches the expression) and told us a few things regarding the realities of  his success in Brazil (actually that was almost all lies as we discovered during the dinner… he succeeded in Brazil because he actually loves Brazil. He’s really lost in love with the country and brazilians can smell that kind of things… so they like him and his product). After a few wines he is even better.

Also Jesús from chile -the second day- was great, he has a very interesting experience as an affiliate in general and as the biggest affiliate network in Chile. Very quiet, calm and funny guy, with a lot of deep insights. My kind of pal.

That is what I remember.

Besides the wine and the great food, of course! (Oh, I did mention that already, didn’t i?)

Ah, one last thing. It was also nice to find Daniel Padilla there, somehow he entered in the middle of my presentation and was kind of baffled about me talking there. It was great to find him there actuallly, after 3 years he didn’t hate my company’s guts so much it would seem 😛 He knows everybody, so it was easy to stick around him and learn names (thnx daniel!).

One thing that surprised me, and should surprise everybody, specially the argentinians! Is that… we were so many Uruguayans there!! Really! We are a small country but with lots of people that knows his internet-shit allright (thought the rest of the country seems mostly unaware of it).

And that’s it… hope to be around the next year, there is so much to do and say in the industry!

Update: Bajar las presentaciones.

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